You Can Dream Bigger

I try not to associate with people who are “dream crashers”. People who asked, “That’s so dumb, why do you want to do that?” (My ex husband used to tell me that all the time ) Or, “Are they going to let you do that?” As if I would ever ask permission to do what I want. Or even, “But Nancy, how are you going to do that?” Well, if I want to do something so badly, I think the “how” will come. So, I don’t worry about the “how”. 
Given explanations to people who are never going to understand you is just a waste of time. But, when you meet people on the same path as you; it’s definitely a great feeling to know that you’re not alone.
I think this is why we should all be supporting each other in the pursuit of our dreams instead of judging or belittling others. We all have dreams, might as well make them big! 
Nancy Tiscareno – Super Bond Girl


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