Welcome to the Jungle (Episode No. 32 )

In this episode, I’m talking about the judicial system. I’m sharing my opinion based on my life experiences of how I found out that the Judicial System here in the United States is not a system; but a “game”.

I’m explaining how I’ve seen Police Officers and Attorneys lie in court during their testimony and in the court paperwork too. Something that should be taking seriously: but, nobody in court seems to care.

My ex-husband Javier (a police officer) and his attorney Jennifer Feres, were the key people that introduced me to the “game”. Both, Javier and Jennifer Feres are professional liars and I had no other choice than to learn from them.

Many people have asked me, “Nancy, if you like going to court so much and representing yourself… Why don’t you become an attorney?” Well, if I become an attorney… I wouldn’t get away with the shit I get away with now. I recognized the power I possess; and, I don’t want to minimize it or have any restrictions of what I can do in court.

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