Things That Make You Go, Hmmm?… (Part Two)

In my previous blog, I spoke about how awesome I am at finding shit out! Hahahahahaha!!! OK! Fine! I spoke about how the Deputies at the LA County Jail are referring bail bond leads “directly” to the Bail Hotline Bail Bonds. (This is an illegal practice, but apparently nobody gives a shit!). According to the Twin Towers Correctional Facility’s Watch commander at the time, Lieutenant Bobo, “his” deputies were not involved in passing bail leads to the bail bond company. Instead, the Watch Commander blamed a “trustee” (an inmate who works either cleaning, cooking, mopping, etc., while he serves his sentence in county jail) for changing the LAPD telephone number for the Bail Hotline’s number at the TTCF bail bond information booth. I love how according to the lieutenant, “his” deputies are so “stupid” and the inmates are so “smart”. If you live in Los Angeles County, I feel sorry for you because you’re paying taxes so these stupid deputies can have a salary. “Alrighty then!”

For those of us who are agents and work in the “Bail Bond industry” I guess it’s no surprise that the Bail Hotline is involved in illegal acts and are now rolling with the pigs. After all, the Bail Hotline has the worse reputation in the business, not to mention that they are constantly being investigated by the California Department of Insurance for having their bail agents soliciting bail illegally inside the local jails. Last year, the District Attorney’s Office in Riverside County raided the Bail Hotline corporate office. I don’t know about you, but if the DA’s office is executing search warrants in a business, I’m sure is because there’s some kind of illegal activity going on…

Now, what does that have to do with “me”? Well, I’m currently going through “Child Support/Spousal Support Modification” in family court with my ex-husband Javier.  Let me just remind you that my ex-husband Javier Tiscareno is a “deputy” for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department; and, he works at the “Twin Towers Correctional Facility”. So, on Friday July 19th, 2013 (during court) I was shocked to find out that the “Bail Hotline Bail Bonds” is on Javier’s witness list! Too much of a “coincidence”???!!! …

Oh my goodness! Have I found information I was not supposed to know? What does the “Bail Hotline Bail Bonds” have to do with “my” divorce?! How’s the Bail Hotline going to benefit from getting involved in “my” life? Unless, they would benefit from “something” Javier will do; or he is already doing for the Bail Hotline. He works at the Twin Towers Jail, right? Why is Javier associating himself with the bail bond company with the worse reputation in California? After all, Javier is a crook and a liar and I don’t have a problem writing about it or telling him that to his face!

Javier is claiming that I’m harassing him with my blog; well, I don’t tell him to come and read it! He does that on “his” own! I don’t call him or text him, nor notify him about my new postings. I don’t communicate with him unless we’re talking about our kids! My blog is “my” way to express myself and to tell the whole world about the things I’ve gone through either in my business or personal life. I don’t make shit up! It’s not my fault that Javier chose to be the “Bad Guy” of my story! (Can someone please hand him a Kleenex?) I personally think that he needs to grow a brand new set of “balls”; but, that’s just my opinion. I speak the truth and the truth doesn’t physically hurt people, but it sure pisses them off! And Javier is pissed!!! But, that’s not my fault! Javier made his bed, and now he’s lying in it. It’s just the way Karma works…

I don’t get involved in other people’s lives because it’s none of my business what other people do! Unless they get involved in “MY” life; that’s when they will get a reaction from me, of course! The Bail Hotline Bail Bonds is owned by the McGuire Brothers or as I call them: “The Frog Faces Brothers minus One”. A representative from the Bail Hotline is supposed to come and testify at the “Tiscareno vs. Tiscareno Trial” (Javier and my trial) in October about the extent of reasonable pay scale for an individual in the Bail Bond Industry. So, all of the sudden the Bail Hotline is a “legitimate” source? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?! Of course they would come to say whatever Javier wants them to… It must be nice to have deputies “inside” the LA county jail pass bail leads “directly” to you! If I had at least “one” deputy passing bail leads to me, I’ll be rolling in dough! But, I don’t even talk to those assholes, so there goes that! My conscious is clean! I’ve work as hard as I can; and, I haven’t had to “suck anybody’s balls” to be able to write bail or to make money.

McGuire Brothers Bail Bonds, Bail Hotline Bail Bonds

For those of us in the bail industry, we know that “it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there”. Anyone in this industry is ready to backstab each other at any moment. But, how are we supposed to make money when the deputies are the ones backstabbing us by referring bail to one Bail Bond Company? Not to mention, that it is illegal! It looks like some dogs are now rolling in the mud with the pigs. Very interesting!

What’s going to happen at my Tiscareno trial in October? I honestly don’t know?! But, I’m very intrigued to see who’s going to testify from the Bail Hotline Bail Bonds on my ex-husband behalf…

Things That Make You Go, Hmmm?
Nancy Tiscareno – Super Bond Girl

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