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Things That Make You Go, Hmmm?… (Part One)

On December 1, 2011, around 3:30pm; I received a called from an attorney in Glendale, CA; asking me to look for a woman who had been detained the night before by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) during the “Occupy LA movement”. The woman didn’t give her name, so she was booked in as “Jane Doe” and because of that, her family was not able to locate her. I told the attorney that I was going to do my best to find her. Oh, I found her!!! But, I wasn’t ready for what I discovered in the process…

The attorney gave me the woman’s name and date of birth. I then, went to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) website and checked on the inmate information page. The woman’s name came out, but there was no location where she was being held. So, I called the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) “bail bond” information line at: (213) 473-6075/ (213) 473-6077 (The bail bond information booth is located at Twin Towers Correctional Facility/Inmate Reception Center); and a female deputy answered my call. I remember that she identified herself as “Deputy” (whatever her last name was!) but, I didn’t pay attention to her last name at the time, because quite honestly, I don’t give a shit about the LASD assholes! Every time I call a jail for bail bond information, is to get “my people” out as soon as possible! And that’s it!

The female deputy was very nice to me and tried to help me figure out what happened to my “Jane Doe” client. The female deputy then said, “I can’t find any information about Jane Doe in our system, I’m going to give you the ‘LAPD’ inmate information number (888) 497-2673”. I thought to myself, Wow! This deputy was really nice and helpful! So, I thanked her and I hung up.

I then called (888) 497-2673, I identified myself as a bail bond agent and a very nice Hispanic guy (he had an accent, that’s how I know…) answered the phone by saying, “Inmate Information Center, this is Hector, how can I help you?” At this point, I’m thinking I’m calling the LAPD, right? After all, it was a “female deputy” at the “Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department” (TTCF/IRC) “the one” who gave me the “supposedly” ‘LAPD inmate information number’.

So, I talked to Hector and told him my situation; that I was looking for a woman who had been picked up by the LAPD the night before. But, I wasn’t able to find her and that I had already called the LASD, but they didn’t know where she was either. Hector was so nice to me. In fact, I thought to myself, “Wow! The LAPD is finally hiring great customer service people!” I gave Hector, my client’s name, her date of birth and I told him that an attorney was looking for her. Hector told me that he was going to look for my ‘Jane Doe’ and to give him my number, so he can call me back. And so I did. (Keep in mind that at this point, I’m under the impression that I’m dealing with someone who works for the LAPD!).

Hours went by, and I didn’t hear anything from the nice guy “Hector at the LAPD”; so, I called him back at the same phone number (888) 497-2673 and Hector answered the phone again! But, this time Hector “actually” paid attention when I identified myself as a “bail bonds agent” and he said to me, “This is a bail bonds company. You’re calling the Bail Hotline Bail Bonds”. (Oooooohhh shit!!!!!!!!) I think I was speechless for a few seconds! I told Hector, thank you and I hung up!

I was working from home and I was sitting in front of my computer when this happened! So, I stood up and began screaming, “What the fuck?!?! The ‘deputies’ at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility are passing bail to the Bail Hotline Bail Bonds!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK??????!!! Are you fucking serious?!!!” Uuughh! I was so pissed off!

Dep. Javier Tiscareno

I don’t trust anyone at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department! After all, those are the same assholes, who basically told me to go “fuck myself” when I tried to file a complaint against my ex-husband Javier Tiscareno ( who is a LASD deputy and works at Twin Towers Correctional Facility) for lying, when he hit himself on the neck; and then accused “me” of domestic violence back in 2008. I have no respect for anyone wearing the LASD uniform! It’s a personal issue between me and the LASD! But now, the LASD has gone to a whole new level! They’re not just “fucking me over” they are “fucking over” every single licensed bail agent in the state of California who does not work for the Bail Hotline Bail Bonds… How you like them apples?!!!

Bad things happen to all of us! But, I always tell people, “What are you going to do about it? Are you going to sit down on the couch and complain? Or are you going to take action and do something?!!!” I’m the kind of person who takes action and quite honestly; the older I get, the less I give a shit about what people think or say about me! I’m “balls out” on everything that I do! So, this situation was not going to be an exception!

I called my friend Andrew, who owns a bail bond company in Riverside, CA and I told him what had happen. Andrew said to me, “Oh my God, Nancy! We have to do something! Otherwise, we would all be out of business soon!” (Ah! No shit!) I was furious! So, Andrew suggested I get in contact with the Department of Insurance. I know the California Department of Insurance is overwhelmed and they take forever to take action! I understand it’s a process. But, this situation needed to be addressed immediately!!!!

I began to tell myself the same thing I tell people, “Bad things happened to all of us; but, what ‘am I’ going to do about it?” I began to think and then realized that the only way for me, to take care of this problem, was to go directly to the main source: the LA County Sheriff’s Department!

When I was married to Javier, he gave me a phone number where I could call him at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility, and that number has been on my cell phone for years now. (I’m sure no other bail bonds agent has that number; unless, he or she is also married to a Deputy Sheriff’s who works at the Twin Towers jail). I don’t know how the jails are being run; but, when I was an inmate at the Riverside County Jail in 2008. The jailer processing my fingerprints, called her “Watch Commander” (who was the lieutenant on watch) and he was the one who decided where to house me. The lieutenant was the main boss! So, I figured the LA county jails are run the same way as the Riverside County. So instead of calling and talking to any deputy at the jail, I knew that I had to talk to the Watch Commander at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility. (See? That’s an advantage I have over other bail bond agents. I was married to a deputy and I was also an inmate).

I called the TTCF and I asked who the watch commander was. The deputy who answered the phone told me that “Lieutenant Bobo” was on watch. I asked to speak to him and I was transferred. Lieutenant Bobo got on the phone, I introduced myself and then I began to explain to him that his deputies were passing bail to my competition and that that is illegal! Lieutenant Bobo got defensive and told me, “I don’t know what you are talking about! I’ll have one of my deputies check and call you back”. Of course he didn’t know what I was talking about! He’s the boss at the jail and he doesn’t know what’s going on! (You know I rolled my eyes when I heard Lieutenant Bobo say that! What a joke!).

I was not going to stop there! So, I decided to call the bail bond information booth again, to try to speak to a supervisor or somebody there who “actually” knew what was going on at the jail because obviously the Lieutenant didn’t know “squat”!!!

It was around 7pm when I got through to the bail bond information booth. This time, I paid attention to the deputy who answered the phone. He said that his name was, “Deputy Vazquez” so, I introduced myself, but this time, I told Deputy Vazquez my last name very slowly… “Hi! My name is Nancy Tiiiiisssssccccaaarrrreeeennnoooo, I’m a bail bonds agent, perhaps you’ve heard about me?” Deputy Vazquez began stuttering a little bit. And by him doing so, I knew then, that Deputy Vazquez knew exactly who he was talking to! I began to explain to him the reason of my call and that a few hours earlier, a female deputy had given “me” (a bail bond agent) a telephone number to call for inmate information at the LAPD, but it turned out to be the number for the Bail Hotline Bail Bonds. 

I told Deputy Vazquez, “I know that female deputy is sitting right there! I know you can see her, right now! I didn’t paid attention to her last name when I spoke to her at 3:30pm; but, I know she’s still on shift! I know you guys’s schedule! 2pm-10pm, 10pm-6am and 6am-2pm! (I know their schedule because once again, I was married to Javier, who’s a deputy at that same jail) When I called for my client’s bail information it was around 3:30pm! That means that female deputy is there right now!!!”

Deputy Vazquez didn’t want to give me too much information, of course. He said he couldn’t tell me if she was there or not. I was getting irritated with this dude, so I told him, “Look dude, you guys are passing bail to the Bail Hotline and that’s illegal!” Deputy Vazquez said, “Yes Nancy! It’s illegal!” I told him, “So, what the fuck are you guys doing?!?! I already spoke to Lieutenant Bobo about this!!!” Vazquez was shocked when I dropped the Bobo last name! “You spoke to Bobo?” he asked. (See? This is where I’m way ahead of all these assholes!) “Yes, I did! He’s going to call me back!” I said. I didn’t tell Vazquez that Bobo didn’t know squat! And I made it sound as Lieutenant Bobo was on it! 😛

Vazquez began to speak to me in “Spanglish” (half Spanish/half English) and he was talking to me as if we have been friends for a very long time or we had been beer buddies or something… Deputy Vazquez then said that he was going to talk to Lieutenant Bobo immediately and to give him my cell phone number, so he can call me back.

Within 15 minutes, Lieutenant Bobo himself (not one of “his” deputies) was calling me at my cell phone and said to me, “Ms. Tiscareno, I would like to apologize for the misunderstanding at the bail bond information booth”. (I was like, what misunderstanding? It’s pretty clear what the deputies are doing!) “I assured you, that none of my deputies are involved!” (This guy is funny!) “It was a ‘trustee’” (trustee is an inmate who’s willing to work at the jail. Cleaning, mopping, preparing food, etc.) “The one who placed the toll free number for the bail hotline next to the LAPD on our board; but, I already corrected the problem and it won’t happened again”. (Well, at least Lieutenant Bobo did something…). I thanked Lieutenant Bobo for his efforts and that was the end of that.

Now, what do I think about all of this? Of course the deputies are passing bail! Duh?! Lieutenant Bobo has since retired. What makes you think that the toll free number is not back on the board? How many bail bond leads had been forward “directly” to the bail hotline from the LA county jail? If you’re a bail bonds agent, the question is, how much money do you think you’ve lost, due to what the deputies are doing? Like I said before, “What are you going to do about it? Are you going to sit on the couch and complain? Or are you going to take action and do something?”

I always look for innovated ways to market myself and this is not going to be an exception! And just as my “wonderful” ex-husband Javier Tiscareno, told me when we were getting divorce, “You have tits and ass, I’m sure you can figured something out” Well, here are my “tits” and a couple of fingers, motherfuckers!!!

To Be Continued…

Nancy Tiscareno – Super Bond Girl

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