The “Dark Side” you say?

I went to visit a client of mine at the Men’s Central Jail in Downtown Los Angeles, CA. I walked into the visiting area and proceeded to check in with the deputy at the front desk. He asked me, “Is this a professional visit?” I responded, “Yes, I’m a Bail Bondsman”. He looked at me in shock. It looked as if his jaw had drop all the way to the floor after I said I was a Bondsman.  He then asked for my credentials and gave me a form to fill out.

As I was writing my information on the visiting form, the deputy began to ask me questions about the Bail Bond business. He then asked my favorite question of all time, “How did you get into Bail Bonds?” I love when cops asked me this question!!! Most of the time, I come up with all kinds of different stories, just to give them something to smile about.  I know their day working in custody can be boring and monotonous; that’s probably why they watch porn movies during their shift and eat all day long. This time I didn’t feel like messing around with this deputy, so I told him, “I was married to an LASD deputy (that’s how I know about the porn movies at the Men’s Central Jail); he lied and sent me to jail accusing me of DV (domestic violence) consequently, I bailed out, and that’s pretty much how I got into Bail Bonds”.

The deputy was shocked and asked me, “You? You were in County Jail?” I replied, “Yes, I was. I’m a tough chick, man!” Most of the cops can’t get enough of my story of course. They refuse to believe that one of “their own” could stoop that low. He then asked, “Did you do it? Did you beat up your old man?” I answered, “Yes, I slapped him with my ‘boobs’ and then he called 911!” We both laughed! … I know! I’m bad… I smiled and said to him, “Well, it all worked out for me because I’m now a Bail Bondsman; I have authority, I’m in control and I have a career that I love!”  The deputy then told me, “So, you crossed over to the ‘Dark Side’” Oh this deputy was definitely a Star Wars fan. I told him, “The way I see it, I was in the “Dark Side” for many years and didn’t know it; but I’m definitely seeing clearly nowadays”.

Nancy Tiscareno – Super Bond Girl

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