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The Best Is Yet To Come!

Happy 4th Anniversary 
Super Bond Girl! 

Aww! I’m celebrating, this week, 7 years since I began working in the Bail Bond Industry and 4 years since I officially launched my brand “Super Bond Girl” in June 13, 2011!  What an incredible adventure it has been! And it seems that with every passing year I manage to get myself into bigger and better shenanigans! LOL!!! Oh dear! 😉

Let’s see… What have I done with Super Bond Girl these past 4 years? 

I became an independent bail bond agent and I pretty much do what I want. Shortly after launching my website, I was invited to appeared on the Anderson Cooper Talk Show. Then, I was featured locally, in Riverside, in the Inland Empire Magazine. I’ve been able to throw some really good shit at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, ALL BY MYSELF! (No need for Press Conferences! LOL). Last year, I told DC Comics to “Fuck off” for getting into my business, and they did! And this year, I’m making Danjaq, LLC, the owners of the James Bond films, spend millions of dollars due to my trademark application for Super Bond Girl! Lol! I wish I could tell you that I made all this shit up! But the truth is: this is my REAL LIFE! 😉

I would like to briefly thank a few people, beginning with my surety: AIA, with special thanks to Michael Whalen for always believing in me. My current boss also known as “the ghost” LOL! He turned out to be a pretty cool boss, after all. My dear friend Fredy Paz who helps me a lot with graphics, designs, and anything else that needs to be printed. My web-designer Jayson Lopez who is awesome! My good friend Lourdes Godinez, who is also my accountant and a big “Thank You!” to my hair stylist, Eliah Alvarez! Of course, I wouldn’t be creating and doing what I’m doing today without the love and support from my friend Wendy and her family! The unconditional love, support, and understanding from my three teenage kids: Reece, Rio, and Sabrina. And I would like to also thank YOU because you’ve come to ride the crazy train with me too! LOL! So, thank you! xoxo! 

As a business woman and entrepreneur, I have to be honest and tell you that in the past 7 years, I’ve lost everything twice! I think the second time was the one that hurt the most. But, I managed to get it all back. 😉 Les Brown says, “If you’re not willing to risk, you cannot grow. If you cannot grow, you cannot be your best. If you cannot be your best, you cannot be happy. If you cannot be happy, what else is there?” Every single time I’ve come back from a defeat, I’m stronger, more focused, and determined! As an entertainer, I’ve always been able to maintain my sense of humor and I think that’s been the major key of all the things I’ve been able to create. 

Super Bond Girl, to me, symbolizes: freedom, independence, and justice with a whole lot of entertaiment, of course! hahahahahaha!!! That’s everything that I stand for and I love her! It doesn’t matter how many mother fucking assholes I have to fight against for Super Bond Girl. Super Bond Girl is mine! And that’s the end of that! 

Happy Anniversary Super Bond Girl! 

Nancy Tiscareno – Super Bond Girl

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