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In my last blog I spoke about how I was contacted by the producers of the Anderson Cooper talk show and my subsequent trip to NYC. So now let’s start where I left off…

After arriving at John F. Kennedy airport and meeting my driver Frank, we walked together to the parking lot to the limo car. It had been raining on an off during the day in the Big Apple, so the streets were wet. I had checked the weather prior to arriving to NYC and it said that it was going to be 50 degrees! (You should know that 50 degrees to me might as well be freezing temperature…remember, I was born in a tropical country, so anything below 60 degrees its freezing weather!  LOL)

As I was walking with Frank, I kept hearing my cell phone going off with all sorts of different tones, emails, voicemails, texts, Facebook notifications, and etcetera.  Everything was beeping at the same time! I was like, “What’s going on?! It’s like the whole world knows I’m out of town or something?!” Even my ex-husband Javier was texting me!!!!! What the heck?!?!…

Once inside my limo, I replied to Javier’s text and said, “Can you please text me or follow up with me in a couple of days? I’m in NYC right now and I really don’t have the time”. (I’m sure he was surprised) So, he text me back and said, “Oh nice, if you get a chance go to this Pastrami place close to Central Park”. He gave me the name of the place, but I just didn’t care! Especially since Javier knows that I HATE pastrami! He was just doing that to piss me off and show off that he has been in NYC since our divorce. I replied, “Thanks dude, but I’m here to be on the Anderson Cooper show, so it’s a short visit” He then text me back and wrote: “Congrats!” but I’m sure at the time, he was saying: “F*%K!”… hahahahahahahaha!!!! 😀  I wrote back and said, “Thank you Javier, I’m actually here in NYC because of what you did to me! And for that, I got to thank you!”  Though he never replied after that. Oh! Poor guy! LOL!!! 😉

Frank was an awesome driver and on the way to my hotel, he highlighted many hot spots that I could go and check out on my short visit. I was taking notes while he was talking to me, I didn’t want to miss out on anything! We arrived at the Hudson Hotel and by then, it was raining again. Once he parked in front of the hotel entrance, Frank got out of the car and ran to my door; he was holding an umbrella and he helped me out of the car. At the same time, the doorman from the Hudson Hotel came running towards me, holding another umbrella, so I wouldn’t get wet. Man! Seriously?!…I kept thinking, “I could get use to this ‘Celebrity Treatment’ stuff!” 😉

I went inside the hotel entrance and then Frank brought my luggage and told me that I could keep his umbrella.  (Thanks Frank!)  I then asked Frank, “Are you going to be my driver tomorrow too? He responded, “I don’t know, but I’m definitely going to mess with the electrical wires of the other company cars, so I could be the only one available tomorrow to drive you back to the airport!” And then we both laughed!

The doorman welcomed me to the Hudson Hotel and told me to take the escalator to the reception area. There were two escalators one going up and another one going down. The escalators were separated by very long yellow walls. The rails from the escalators were lighted with neon yellow lights. It was quite the site actually. I felt such an excitement just by getting on the escalator, as if I already knew that something grand was waiting for me at the reception area. I stepped on to the escalator and I couldn’t wait to get to the top. As soon as I got off the escalator, I arrived to the reception area. What grabbed my attention immediately was a majestic and gorgeous crystal chandelier in the middle of the reception room right above the check-in desk. It was breathtaking.

I proceeded to check-in with the first clerk that was available. The clerk welcomed me to the hotel and asked me what my last name was. I said, “Tiscareno” and then I began to spell it slowly for him. He put the information into his computer and then he said, “Welcome to the Hudson Hotel Ms. Tiscareno! How long are you going to be staying with us?”  I thought to myself, “Can I tell this guy that I want to stay here, ‘FOREVER!’” lol! ;-)… I said to him, “I’ll be leaving tomorrow; I’m only here for the Anderson Cooper show”.  He said, “Oh my goodness! That’s awesome! What is the show going to be about?” I responded, “Actually, I don’t know the details, all I know for now, it’s that they are having a fun segment about women in bail bonds” The clerk then called over another clerk that was nearby and said loudly in a New York accent, “She is coming out in the Anderson Cooper show!” as he was pointing at me.

The other clerk came to our area, and now both clerks were asking me questions about bail bonds. I’m a “natural born hustler” so at this point; I pulled out my business cards and gave my cards to both men. I invited them to join me on Facebook and to check out my blog. They both shook my hand and wished me luck on the show the following day. I grabbed my luggage and took the elevator to the 7th floor where my room was. My room was so nice and cozy, the heater was already on. I called the show producers as instructed; to let them know that I’d arrived in town. I was informed that someone from the show was going to pick me up the following day (January 24th) and meet with me at the hotel lobby at 11am. I then called my parents and my kids just to check up on them. I was super hungry and at this point, I couldn’t wait to check out the Big Apple!

Frank told me about a Cuban restaurant that he really likes called Guantanamera located a few blocks away from the Hudson Hotel. So, I changed into some comfortable shoes and I walked to the Guantanamera Restaurant off 8th St and 55th Ave. At the restaurant, I ordered a Churrasco con Chimichurri, (A really big steak with Chimichurri sauce) and if you haven’t tried Cuban food yet, I totally recommended! Super Delicious! (Churrasco is definitely 1,000 times better than Pastrami, stupid Javier!)  My waiter was so nice, so I asked him where I could go to buy souvenirs. He told me to walk to Broadway and that I was going to find many shops where I could buy t-shirts and stuff.

I walked from 55th Ave. to Broadway and I found the souvenir shops. So, I called my kids and asked them what they wanted. I continued walking on Broadway towards Times Square and I could see the big lights and huge billboard signs from a distance. I was so excited at this point because on New Year’s Eve, I wrote down a wish list of the places I wanted to visit in 2012; that included: Italy, France, Japan, Guatemala, and New York City!!! … And 23 days after I made my wish list, I was there! Already in New York City!!! … Oh Man! My wish came true really fast! 😉

I continued walking on Broadway; it was raining a little bit, but not a big deal. When all of the sudden, parked in the street, I saw an NYPD truck unit. I couldn’t resist the urge and told myself, “I have to take a picture in front of the patrol unit! I got to continue ‘my’ tradition!” of making those plain ol’stuffy police cars and motorcycles so much more SEXY…hahahahahaha!!!  I thought, “Man! Too bad I’m not wearing my famous pink bikini!!!”  I asked a couple of young women who were walking by to take my picture. One of them held my shopping bags and umbrella, while the other one took my picture. As I got closer to the patrol unit, I realized that an NYPD officer was inside. I told myself, “Oh crap! This dude is going to be on my blog! I better not hear anything from the NYPD internal affairs after this!” hahahahahaha… ‘Cause that’s just the way I roll, right?  😉

Quite honestly, I don’t think that the NYPD is ready for the Super Bond Girl® bikini pictures on patrol units yet; I mean, the cops from Southern California are still getting used me. And that is where I live! Hahahahaha!!!… So, I’m going to go easy on the NYPD for now…but I’ll be back!  LOL 
Nancy Tiscareno – Super Bond Girl

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