LET’S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS! – (Danjaq/James Bond) Part No.2

“Let’s get down to business! 

I don’t got no time to play around, what is this? 
must be a circus in town, 
let’s shut the shit down on these clowns, 
Can I get a witness, {hell yeah}” Eminem – “Business”


One thing that really pisses me off is when I’m minding my “own” fucking business and some mother-fucker; out of nowhere, comes over and gets into “MY” shit! 

As I shared with you in my previous blog post, I’m now dealing with Danjaq, LLC (“Danjaq”) which owns the trademarks associated with the series of films featuring the British agent James Bond; simply because they’re opposing to my application to register “my” mark, SUPER BOND GIRL. I personally don’t give a shit about these people. But, that fact that they’re getting involved with me and my brand is causing a lot more “traffic” to my blogs and world-wide “exposure” to my mark, “SUPER BOND GIRL”. (See what happens… “por culeros”) 

Christopher C. Larkin

On April 24, 2014, I received a letter via e-mail from Attorney Christopher C. Larkin who’s a partner at Seyfarth Shaw Attorneys LLP (The Seyfarth Shaw dudes, represent Danjaq), where he was asking me to withdraw my application to register my mark, “SUPER BOND GIRL”. He mentioned in this letter that Danjaq owns the Trademark Registration for the mark “Bond Girl 007” for eau de parfum and body lotion; and, he included a copy of the certificate of registration of that mark. I was like, “So what! last I checked, I’m ‘NOT’ selling parfum!”, right?

Mr. Larkin also mentioned that Danjaq had recently secured the withdrawal of an application to register “LIPSTICK BOND GIRLS” for bounty hunter services and fugitive recovery services following the filing of a notice of a opposition to registration of that mark. I was reading this shit thinking, “What the fuck does that have to do with me?”.

I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting the ladies from “Lipstick Bail Bonds” yet. (I think we follow each other on Twitter). But, as I said before, I’m not a “hater” to other bail “agents” in the Bail Bond Industry. (Unless, those “agents” want to start “‘fucking’ with my balls”; then, that’s when we’re going to start having problems). I have absolutely nothing bad to say about Lipstick Bail Bonds; and, I wish them all the best in their endeavors.  

But, as you might be able to imagine, I was really “ticked off” that this dude: Larkin, was comparing me with Lipstick Bail Bonds. I’ve worked very hard to make a name for myself in this industry. And I strive to be the “only” agent who dares to do things differently -hence this blog, my boudoir photos, and my outrageous and “entertaining” marketing. I’m the only agent who does this shit! It takes a lot of hard work and imagination to create the content I’ve produced! Obviously, this Larkin dude, didn’t do research about me before sending me that letter. 

Now, who’s Danjaq? According to the information on Wikipedia, Danjaq is the company responsible for the copyright and trademarks of the characters related to the James Bond films. Danjaq was founded in 1962 by Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman after the release of the first James Bond movie “Dr. No”. The name “Danjaq” is a combination of Broccoli and Saltzman respective wives’ names (Dana Broccoli and Jacqueline Saltzman); this only proves, that “men” can’t create anything without thinking about “vagina” first! 

I didn’t respond to Mr. Larkin’s letter until June 17th, 2014, because I’d recently moved to a new residence; and as you can imagine, it takes some time to adjust at a new home. 

Mr. Larkin received my letter on the 18th., and emailed me a quick note letting me know that he had forwarded it to Danjaq. Last Friday June 27, 2014, I had a telephone conversation with Mr. Larkin. 

Mr. Larkin thanked me for responding; and then, he proceeded to tell me that Danjaq was still asking me to withdraw my application to register my mark, “SUPER BOND GIRL” because Danjaq didn’t like it… Somebody please ask me if I give a shit about Danjaq’s opinion! Come on? Ask me if I give a shit?!!!

I told the Larkin dude, that I’m not going to withdraw my application and that I’m looking forward to Danjaq’s opposition to my mark with the United States Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

Mr. Larkin said to me, “I’m not your attorney and I’m not going to give you legal advice. But, I would recommend for you to hire an attorney.” I said to Mr. Larkin, “You’re right! You are NOT my attorney, and you don’t tell me what to do.” 

Since I’m not an attorney and I blog about my “adventures” and my “real life” drama and shit! I have included in this blog post, my correspondence between Mr. Larkin and myself. I think that is so fucken badass that you, my readers, can join me on this journey! 😉 

“Let’s get down to business! 
I don’t got no time to play around, what is this? 
must be a circus in town, 
let’s shut the shit down on these clowns, 
Can I get a witness, {hell yeah}” Eminem – “Business”

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