“KARMA” pronunciation: “Ha Ha! Fuck You!”

This is my lasts post of 2014! And I guarantee you that I saved the best for last! 

Sometimes I wish I had a camera crew following me around already; so, you can see how crazy my life can get! But then again, perhaps that’s not such a good idea because there are times when I really don’t want anyone to know what I’ve done! I’m good at not leaving any evidence behind or anything that is going to incriminate me later on! hahahahaha! You know, after dealing with some cops, hanging out with a few criminals, attorneys and other bail bondsmen, I’ve learned a thing or two… Lol! 

Anyway, this blog post is about my very first dude who skipped bail on me! Yep! Ladies and gentlemen, I had my very first “bail-jumper” or as we call them in the bail bond world, a “Skip.”

I never thought that I would have someone skip bail on me! I treat every single one of my clients with kindness and understanding towards their situation; even though, some of those clients had committed serious crimes. I’m compassionate towards my clients because my job is not to judge them! My job is to provide a service; and, my service is to get them out of jail. And many times, I go out of my way even after my clients are out of custody! I’ve waited for hours outside the jails until they are released. I’ve given some of my clients rides back home. I’ve gone to court with some of them just because they’ve asked me to accompany them. 

I’ve never blogged specifically about any of my clients or mentioned their full names or their charges because I believe that my clients deserve their privacy. But, when a fucking asshole, who thinks that he can confuse my kindness for stupidity; then he’s obviously going to be in some deep shit! Not only because I’m going to be blogging about him and how pissed off I am! But, also because I will expose him for the whole world to know what kind of scum bag he truly is! 

Tony Soria

So, without further adieu , meet my “skip”: TONY SORIA. His real name is actually: Jose Antonio Rodriguez Soria. He uses Tony Soria as his stage name. He thinks that he’s going to be a famous boxer someday… Hmmm… 

Tony was the personal trainer of a really good friend of mine; and, we had been Facebook friends since 2010. I didn’t meet Tony in person until October 20, 2014 when I received a few phone calls from several of Tony’s friends who informed me that Tony was in custody at the Anaheim Police station and he was asking for me. 

I then went to the Anaheim police station and I interviewed him. When I talked to Tony he was almost crying; and, he was shaking up a bit. He pleated with me to bailed him out. He had gotten into a fight and that was the reason he was there; but, he also had a few arrest warrants for not showing up to court for minor traffic issues. Minor Traffic issues are no big deal to me; so, I was like “Fuck it, let’s get you out!” 

Once he was released from jail, I told him that his next court date was going to be December 5th 2014. I then drove Tony to a Mexican Restaurant in Anaheim, where we were going to meet with a friend of his who was going to bring his truck. We met with her and we all had lunch together there. 

During lunch,I agreed with Tony that he was going to make a larger payment on his bond two days after his release. We said goodbye and off we went. Tony even posted on my Facebook wall, “God bless you Nancy! Thank you for saving my life today.” 

Throughout the next two days, Tony was keeping me informed of what was going on with him, he called me and checked with me. I was happy to see that he was being responsible and keeping his word. But, by the third day, I couldn’t get a hold of him anymore. He didn’t answer my phone calls or texts. He’d even blocked me from Facebook. Yep! By then, I knew that things were not going to end well with Tony. 

I was embarrassed and pissed off, I was like, “Fuck! This has never happened to me! How am I going to tell my boss about this asshole!” My boss was out of town when I bailed Tony out. So, I waited until his return to tell him about Tony Soria.

I know you’re probably surprised to find out that I have boss. But, he’s my boss on paper. He doesn’t tell me how to do anything. I actually don’t see him much or hang out with him. My boss is like a ghost. I don’t see him; but, I know he’s there! Lol!  

When I spoke to my boss, I told him everything and how things went down with Tony. I honestly didn’t know what his reaction was going to be and I was freaking out! He heard me out and asked me a few questions and then he said, “Well, let’s give Tony a few days and see what happens. Maybe he got scared? Everything will work out. You’ll see.” WHAT?!!!!! “Everything will work out”?!!! Man, this dude deserves an award for being the most calm ghost ever! hahahaha!!! I was panicking, I wasn’t sleeping, I was nervous, I was angry, I wasn’t eating, and my right eye was twitching! The only thing my boss said was, “Everything will work out.” Really?!!!

A few days after I spoke to my boss around November 1st or so, I received a text from Tony! He said that he was stabbed outside a nightclub and he sent me pictures of his stab wounds. I immediately called Tony and we spoke. At the time, Tony was already at the hospital an he apologized for not keeping in contact with me. He then said that he was going to have to hide because someone was looking for him and he was scared for his life! At this point I was so pissed off and I told him, “Well, it’s too bad that you got stabbed dude; but, that’s not my problem! I don’t know what the hell you’re doing; but, we agreed to something and you’re not keeping your part of the deal. You even blocked me from Facebook, that means you’re up to no good!” Then he said that he was going to call me back; but, of course he didn’t. Tony’s court date wasn’t until December 5th; so, my boss began to check up on him.

On November 16th, I was sitting on the toilet doing my thing. Lol! I began checking my cellphone and I was scrolling down my Facebook feed; when all of the sudden, I saw Tony Soria’s picture featured in the abc7 Eyewitness News website!!!! -The headling read, “WOMAN SEXUALLY ASSAULTED” and Tony’s bail was 1 million dollars!!! I was like, “WHAT – THE – FUCK?!!!!” I would’ve loved to tell you that I almost pooped on myself after reading this! But the truth is, that’s exactly what I was doing in the shitter at the time! Lol! This was the best example of synchronicity I’ve ever experienced! hahahahahahaha!!!!!

Click on link to read Tony Soria’s arrest shown in the news: abc7 – Eyewitness News – Tony Soria Arrest November 16, 2014

I immediately sent a text with the news link to my boss to let him know that Tony Soria was in custody again! And this time, Tony actually made the news! How embarrassing! 

Placentia Police Department – Tony Soria

Once I was done doing my business in the bathroom, I went to my computer and began to do an inmate search on Tony. He was detained on felony charges: 209(B)(1) PC,(kidnapping/robbery), 289(A)(1) PC (sexual penetration against a victim) and 298.1(A) PC (Refuse to provide DNA). In addition to those charges, Tony was also in violation of immigration; that meant that Tony had an immigration hold and he was going to be deported back to Mexico. 

Later on, as I was cooking dinner I was talking to my daughter Sabrina(14) about the whole mess that Tony got himself into. My daughter said shockingly, “Oh wow Mom! You talked to a rapist?!” I responded, “Oh honey, I’ve talked to rapists, murderers, drug dealers, gangsters, parolees, pimps, prostitutes, judges, cops, born again Christians… I treat everybody the same!”  

My boss, calling me… LOL

I was starting to finally sleep well at night; when on November 19, (three days after Tony made the news) my boss called me and informed me that Tony had been released from jail!!!! The Orange County District Attorney didn’t filed charges against him and apparently even the U.S. Immigration Department let him go! Unbelievable!!!! The problem was that we didn’t surrender our bonds when Tony was in custody because we figured Tony had an immigration hold; he was not going to go anywhere! In fact my boss was on his way to get our bonds exonerated when he found out about Tony’s release. That meant that Tony was free and still out on bail on our bonds! ugh!!!! 

My boss then checked Tony’s Facebook status; and, of course he was bragging about how the cops had nothing on him! What I didn’t understand at the time was why the Immigration Department let him go even though he had an immigration hold! 

On November 26th, I received a phone call from Tony again! Wow! This dude is something else! I talked to him and I pretended not to know anything about his previous arrest. Gosh! It was so hard for me to talk nicely to him over the phone; but, I needed to see if he was going to give me more information about his whereabouts. Tony then told me that he couldn’t tell me where he was at; but, he was calling me to let me know that he was not going to miss his court date on December 5th. I then asked him, “Where are you at again? Are you OK?” Tony replied, “Actually I’m not OK. And I can’t tell you where I am.” Then I said to myself, “He can’t tell me where he is? I know exactly where he is!!! He’s in Vegas! Motherfucking asshole!!!” Yep! Mr. Tony Soria had taken off to Las Vegas and by the look of his pictures that he posted on his Facebook, he was having a great time! Jerk!

The following day I received another phone call from Tony. This time he came clean and told me about his arrest and how he ended up in the news. He also confessed and told me that he was in Las Vegas. And then, he said that he was not supposed to be free; but, that the Immigration Department had made a mistake. Ah, no shit! 

Tony said that when he was in custody, there was another man also named, “Jose Antonio Rodriguez” and that the INS agent got confused and released Tony instead of the other man! WOW!!!! That’s our U.S. government there for you! Lol! Let’s give this idiot Immigration agent a round of applause, shall we… 

I continued my conversation with Tony and he said, “I want to fix my life! That’s why I’m going to go to court on December 5th.” I was like, “Cool dude! I’ll see you at the court then.” But, the only reason I was going to show up to his court date was to surrender him back into custody! But, deep inside I knew that Tony was not going to show up.

I then asked my boss if he could be the one surrendering Tony at the court; just in case Tony actually showed up. I didn’t want to give Tony any indication that I was going to turn him in. But on December 5th, Tony was a no show. My boss and I were in court; and, I can actually tell you that I felt like shit because I officially had my very first “jumper.” My boss told me, “Don’t take it personal, Nancy” I told him, “Of course it’s personal! Tony only did this to me because I’m a woman!” 

I left the court and I went home. I was so angry the whole day! I don’t even know how I even attended my friend Jesse’s 40th Birthday party on the same night because quite honestly, I didn’t feel like partying at all. I tried having a good time at the party; but, inside of me I just wanted to cry.

A few days went by, and on December 18th; my boss sent me a text telling me that Tony Soria had been arrested since December 12th by the Anaheim Police Department. This time, Tony was picked up for petty theft. I’m happy to inform you that as of today, Tony is still in custody at Men’s Jail in Santa Ana awaiting deportation; and, our bonds are exonerated. 

I believe in Karma. But, I’ve never seen it come full cycle in such a short amount of time as in Tony’s case! Am I happy? Of course I am! I had a wonderful Christmas time with my daughters, while Tony is still locked up in jail! That’s what he gets for being a dickhead! 

I’m sure he’ll get deported to Mexico this time; but, I know for a fact that he’ll be back in the United States since he has two kids living here! His ex-wife doesn’t let him see the kids; but at this point, I don’t blame her! Smart lady! Tony’s life is here. And I’m sure he’ll be back to do his personal fitness training jobs. The good thing is that from this point on, all his information is out in the open for everyone to know! Beware of Tony Soria. 

Nancy Tiscareno – Super Bond Girl

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