It’s OK To Be Sad Sometimes

Last week was a very emotional one for me, I learned that a friend from my high school passed away during his sleep last Wednesday. I’m still in such a shock and I can’t believe it! Jesse was a really funny man. Someone who I loved seeing his very crazy and entertaining posts on Facebook and Instagram. He was a true family man. I know a lot of my friends from high school are enduring a lot pain due to Jesse’s passing. And I can’t even begin to imagine the suffering that his wife and children are going through right now.  

I’m a very positive and outgoing person, but the truth is that I don’t do very well when I know that people are suffering and there’s absolutely nothing I can do to change it. In situations like this I have to retrieve and hide from the world at least for a couple of days and be by myself. On Thursday I didn’t feel like doing anything, but I still managed to run a few errands before I completely shut down on Friday. 

I was laying down on my bed around 2pm last Friday, when I received a phone call from a female attorney who follows me on Facebook. She said that she didn’t need any bail bond assistance, but she had something to tell me and that perhaps it was going to sound really weird. I told her, “Nothing is weird for me anymore, I think I’ve heard it all!” 

She then proceeded to tell me that she had seen a post on her Facebook feed where I was tagged. It seem odd to her and completely out of character, so she decided to look into it. She asked me, “Did you go wine tasting last Saturday?” and then she gave me the names of the people that I supposedly went out with. I told her, “No, I didn’t go wine tasting! I was at home with my daughters and I don’t know any of those people you just mentioned.”  She then said, “Well, I did a search and it looks like someone opened a Facebook account with your name and photos and they’re pretending to be you. There are two Facebook accounts with your name. You’re a public figure. We know about you. I just knew something was wrong.”  

Last Friday I didn’t feel like dealing with anybody, but at the time of her phone call, I had to figure out what the hell what was going on! I thanked the attorney for her kindness and for calling me and letting me know about this situation. I felt so violated and the fact that I was mourning the loss of my friend didn’t help, of course. 

I’m very selective of the people I associate with and the events I attend. I’ve learned with the years working in the bail bond industry that just a simple picture taken next to a male (any male for that matter) can cause chaos for me. So, I refrain from doing that as much as possible. Obviously I’m a very open person and I’m not afraid to talk about personal issues, but I don’t appreciate when people try to add me into their drama or create more drama for me. 

Something similar happened to me back in 2011, I had to deal with my Facebook pictures being used to create fake profiles in several dating sites. It was really hard and time consuming for me to track down each and one of those fake accounts. I didn’t lose my cool until I found out that my pictures where also used on a fake profile on Ashley Madison’s site. Ashley Madison is a site where married couples are encouraged to have affairs. Having an affair is totally against what I stand for because I know what it feels like to be cheated on. I would never disrespect another woman’s marriage or relationship. There are plenty of single men available for dating. I don’t understand why some women would find the need to get involved with a married man. 

When I got in contact with the people from Ashley Madison, they treated me like complete assholes and they told me that they couldn’t keep track of all the fake and legit profiles because they are in high demand and they can’t keep up with the internet traffic that they get. I was basically told to suck it up. What a nightmare! 

I love being single because I hate the drama that comes with being in a relationship; yet I still have to deal with drama that other people are creating for me because I’m single, really? What the fuck?!?!?!  

Photo of fake profile

Apparently the impostor who created the fake Facebook profile had also blocked me, so I couldn’t see it. I had to go through a friend’s Facebook account and search for my name. And there it was, I had two profiles with the same pink bikini pictures. The fake profile only had my first and last name. While my real profile has the words “bail bonds” and “superbondgirl” right after my name. The fake Facebook profile also had friends and followers! And the worse thing is that I was tagged on a post last Saturday night with people I don’t even know, at a place that I’ve never been while I was actually at home watching a movie with my daughters!!! Yep! I’m now dealing with a whole new level of douche bags. 

I got in contact with Facebook right away and in a matter of hours I got notified that the fake profile was removed. Man, the Facebook people don’t mess around! 😉 I was really satisfied that this issue was resolved promptly. But, I’m pretty sure I’ll be dealing with more assholes in the future.

Rest In Peace Jesse – BGHS Class of ’92
It was hard for me to deal with unnecessary drama last Friday while I was still very emotional due to Jesse’s passing. Jesse posted a comment in one of my blogs a while ago and he said, “You can write about whatever you want, but never write anything bad about my girl, Gwen Stefani.” LOL!!! Oh man, this dude was funny! I’m truly missing his clever wit and undeniable humor! Lancer Nation is missing you, Jesse!                                      Rest in peace my friend! 

Nancy Tiscareno – Super Bond Girl

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