I’m 41 and I’m Still Learning…

My driver’s license says that I’ll be 41 years old in a few days; but, the weird thing is that my body doesn’t feel that old yet! 

Sure! I have a little bit of pain here and there; but, it’s not a big deal. Like the pain that I have in my left knee once in a while due to a dirt-bike riding accident I had back in 1998. When I crashed my motorcycle into a ditch; and the impact caused my body to be airborne for what seemed like an eternity! LOL! Oh man! I remember thinking while I was flying on top of the dirt road, “Fuck! By the time I finally hit the ground this shit is gonna hurt!” LOL!!!! Oh, it hurt alright! It hurt so bad that I ended up needing 2 surgeries on my left knee! One surgery to fix my cartilage and another one to repair my ligaments! hahahahahahahaha!!! That’s why when I hear people say, “Oh my knee hurts, the weather is just too cold” I’m like, “Shut up! You gotta come up with a better story than mine! Not just that your knee hurts cause it’s cold! Pssshh”. LOL! 

And then I get to hear people’s comments when they find out that I’m 40 and they’re like, “No fucking way!!!” hahahahaha!!! Just recently I was volunteering at an event for the Marching Band at my daughters’ high school; when the group of ladies who were also volunteering began to introduce themselves and mentioned who their kids were. I told them that my daughters were Rio and Sabrina; and, the whole group knew who my daughters were. Then a lady said to me, “You look so much like your daughter Rio”. I said to her, “No, she looks like me! I’m older.” LOL! Most of the ladies laughed at my comment; when, I heard another lady say, “That’s the problem with you! You look so freaking young! I hate you!!!” hahahahahaha!!!! At least she wasn’t hating behind my back, she told that to me right to my face! LOL! Have I found the “Fountain of Youth?” Perhaps… But I’m not telling! LOL! 😛 

My first year into my 40’s has been AMAZING! The best year of my life thus far! I’d had a few setbacks; but, there are nothing in comparison with the things I already accomplished and experienced this year! I’m living a truly exciting life! And I think that this change has happened to me because my body is finally aligned with my soul. 

I believe that we are souls having a temporary human experience. We all decided to be here at this time; and, each and one of us has a mission. But, the one million dollar question is, “What’s my mission?” Right? I began to ask myself that same question almost every single day since 2009. And right after I turned 40; BAM! I got the answer! I’ll tell you what my mission is; but, first I’m going to tell you how I got the answer. 

In late 2012, I began to practice meditation. Meditating is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done because I have so much chattering going on in my mind; and, sitting still for a while was something that my body was rejecting from the get go! 

The human brain has 70,000 thoughts per day. But, in my case is probably about 100,000 thoughts per day. LOL! Trying to quiet my mind was extremely challenging! I remember the first time I tried it out; I went inside my bedroom closet and closed the door. I figured nobody was going to bother me there; and, I was going to be able to concentrate. I sat in half lotus position with my eyes closed; and, I began to relax and breath slowly. And my first try at meditation went something like this, “What am I going to cook for dinner? Did I take the clothes out of the dryer? Gosh! I don’t remember if ‘Back to School night’ is today or tomorrow? Well, I guess I can check the schedule after I’m done with this meditation. I think I’m only going to cook Spaghetti, I don’t feel like cooking tonight! Wait! What was the name of the cute guy at the grocery store? Oh my goodness! I can’t believe I forgot! Ah! Who cares? I just call him ‘honey’ next time I go to the store. Ay! Nancy shut up! Stop thinking about other shit! You’re supposed to ‘quiet your mind’ cabrona! Ok, breath, breath, breath again… Oh, I remember! I did take the clothes out of the dryer! Cool!!!! Ahhh! fuck this meditation is not working! I probably been here about 20 minutes thinking about all kinds of shit and I’m not meditating! Screw it! I’m out of here!” I got up, I opened the closet door and I looked at the clock; and then, I realized that I’d been inside the closet for only 3 minutes! hahahahahaha!!!! 

Even though I’d failed at the my first meditation attempt; I was determined to continue trying until I succeed. I’d read about all the benefits from meditation and I was super excited to experience those benefits myself. Meditation can help us to:

-Lower blood pressure.

-Relax the nervous system.

-Diminish intensity of headaches and migraines.

-Free the mind from self-doubt and internal chatter.

-Reduce anxiety.

-Generate optimism, self-esteem, confidence and motivation.

-Restore balanced function to the digestive system aiding absorption of nutrients.

-Relieve muscle tension.

-Relieve Insomnia.

-Release fear.

-Improve depression.

After two years of continuously trying Meditation, I’m very happy to share with you that I can now meditate for ONE WHOLE HOUR!!!! I know! Sometimes I don’t even believe it myself; but, I’m able to quiet my mind for 60 minutes! I try to meditate every day; but, sometimes I get too busy. The longest time I’ve gone without meditating is two or three days. But, by the third day my body begins to ask for that mental renewal time. I wish someone would have told me about meditation sooner! If I would have meditated since I was a teenager, I probably would have saved myself from a lot of pain and suffering. The good thing is that I’ve discovered it now; and, I’m currently enjoying all the benefits of meditation! 🙂

I’m sure you’re curious and want to find out, Why I started meditating? Well, I was fascinated by the fact that our conscious mind controls our brain only 5% of the day. Whereas the subconscious mind has a hold of your thoughts 95% of the time! I was like, “What?! How can I connect more with my subconscious mind?” And, that’s when I discovered that meditation can boost our brain power (that’s fucking awesome, we have powers!!!!); it’s proven to increase IQ and promote higher learning levels. That’s why I was so determined and I tried meditation so many times because I really wanted to unleash my powers! LOL! 😛 

By quieting my mind, I can really listen to my soul! I know what you’re thinking right now, “What the fuck are you smoking, Nancy?” LOL! Actually, I’m going to share with you that I’m 41; and as of today, I haven’t smoked anything “yet”. hahahahaha!!! I wanted to find out what my mission was, right? Well, by meditating I found out that I don’t have a mission; instead I am a “messenger”. I delivered the “message” to you. Whether you live in the Unites States, in Germany, in Argentina or Russia; you’re receiving the “message”. Perhaps by reading this blog post today, you discovered something new. Or you were wondering about meditation and I just gave you a little introduction. Maybe you’ll start you own research right after you get off this page…

By blogging, I’ve shared with you how I turned something that happened to me; that I thought was really bad into something good by creating Super Bond Girl. Bad things happen to all of us; but, we can always create a better outcome! 🙂

I’ve also shared how I’m standing for my right to own what I’ve created by fighting for my trademark against Danjaq, LLC the owners of the James Bond films. Many people have asked me, “Why are you even fighting against James Bond? You’re not going to win.” I don’t even respond to those people anymore! Why should I even listen to them; when, I’m already doing something that they haven’t done! 

As you see, I’m 41 and I’m still learning… What an amazing time to be alive! Everyday when I wake up, I ask the Universe to grant me enough energy to accomplish the tasks at hand. But the most important thing for me, is to be able to deliver the message in my own way. The message has to include the words: fuck, shit, asshole, etc., otherwise, it won’t be me! LMAO!!! And I guess the Universe is cool with that! 

Happy 41st Birthday to my human body! And my soul? 
That one is probably around 1,000 years old! It’s been around. LOL! 😉 

Nancy Tiscareno – Super Bond Girl 

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