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I choose to FIGHT BACK!!!!

It was around 3am, June 14th 2008. I was inside the lobby, standing right in front of the main entrance of the Robert Presley Detention Center (Riverside County jail) waiting for my friend Wendy to pick me up after I was released from jail. I was super cold and hungry. I remember standing right in front of the glass doors and saw my reflection. My hair was a mess! My make up was smeared! I was only wearing a tank top, underwear, shorts and flip flops (the deputy who detained me never gave me a chance to change clothing) and at the time I weighted less than 100 pounds. I looked sick, weak and lost. I thought to myself, “I look like a druggie”.

I was in complete disbelieve that Javier (a deputy sheriff and now my ex-husband) had lowered himself to the scum bag level to try to get rid of me. Javier lied and said that I’d beat him up, causing so much drama to our family, simply because I was no longer under his control.  I never thought that he would lie and do such a thing, especially since he’s a police officer. But, I understand now, that some people tend to do stupid things when they are desperate.

As I continued to look at my reflection in the glass, I told myself: “It doesn’t get any lower than this! I’m like a worm in the dirt! I have nothing! No money, no home, no kids, no clothes, no job and nowhere to go!” I felt very sad, but I couldn’t even cry! I took a couple of deep breaths and then I said, “I would never stop talking about what just happened to me! I’m going to FIGHT BACK!!!” And, fighting back is exactly what I’ve done for the past 5 years!

If you’re one of my readers, you probably remember that Javier and I were scheduled to go to trial this past October. I filed a child custody modification and support (split 50/50) in early January; I never anticipated that the whole process was going to take 10 months! And I wasn’t expecting for Javier to hire a new attorney (who thankfully made him look really bad every single time we went to court!) I’ve been around so many attorneys due to my line of work, and I finally concluded that most attorneys think that “they” are a gift from God to us! That we should bow down to them! When in reality “attorneys” are public “servants”. Javier’s new attorney, Mrs. Alvarado, started to treat me like a second class citizen from the first time we met; and you bet I made sure to bring Mrs. Alvarado back down to earth right away!!!

Our case got delayed mostly because Javier’s attorney didn’t file her paperwork on time! Towards the end of the proceedings, Mrs. Alvarado was trying to blame me for her incompetence. But, I defended myself! And I always spoke the truth! There were a couple of times, where the judge got mad at me and basically told me to shut up and not talk over him. (That’s what happens when you become over confident!) hahahaha! But, it was my case, and I was going to FIGHT BACK!!! Especially after Javier began crying and tried so hard to say that I was “harassing” him with my blog! He also mentioned repeatedly that, he’s a victim of domestic violence and therefore he shouldn’t pay spousal support.

Mrs. Alvarado and Javier tried to intimidate me by saying that they were going to bring evidence against me about domestic violence. I told both of them, “Bring it! Bring your evidence. You both are going to look foolish in court! There’s no way any judge will rule on domestic violence issues that were not filed by the District Attorney’s office over 5 years ago!”… I’m sure both, Javier and Mrs. Alvarado felt like dumb asses when the judge ruled that there was no evidence about domestic violence against Javier! LOL! I tried to save them the embarrassment; but, they didn’t want to listen to me!  

What about the harassment issues? The judge also concluded that based on the evidence; there was NO harassment against Javier! In America, it’s called the “first amendment right!” Obviously my ex-husband and his attorney don’t know about the amendments! LOL!  The judge also said that my advertising is very “provocative”. I would say that my advertising is “shock and awe on steroids”   During cross examination, Mrs. Alvarado was all excited about my picture where I’m holding my middle fingers in front of my body painted breasts with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department logo (On a side note; I think that the picture is one of the best ideas I’ve ever had! Lol!)  The responses that I’ve got from that picture and blog were unbelievable! I received supporting emails and phone calls from fellow bail bondmen throughout California. Bail agents I didn’t even know about were reading my blog! In a way, I always wanted to talk about the corruption inside the LA county jails and I couldn’t believe that the opportunity came via my ex-husband! Hahahahaha! In July, when Mrs. Alvarado handed me their witness list for our trial, my eyes got so big! I thought to myself, “Oh my! I just got an early Christmas present!”  Javier gave a dirty look and his expression was as if he was saying, “I got you now, bitch!” I looked back at him thinking, “You have no idea, ‘who has who’, this time!” hahahahaha!!!

When I filed the paperwork for the custody modification in January 2013, Javier responded with “14” pages of my pictures in my blog! What does “my” blog have to do with the child modification? Absolutely nothing!!!! But, by Javier doing that, I knew then that Javier was pissed off! Our trial wasn’t about our kids! Our trial was about how Javier is being affected by my blog. When Javier testified in court, he said that he wanted to become an “undercover cop”. (He actually choked up a bit when he said that) And since his pictures are all over the internet, he couldn’t work undercover anymore. Now, whose fault is that?!?!…  It’s Javier’s OWN fault!

Who told Javier to hit himself on the neck and call the cops on me 5 years ago? Who went to the court and filed a restraining order against me? Who took my kids away from me? Who sent me to jail accusing me of a crime I didn’t commit? Who cause all of this drama? Yes! Javier did! And now, for some reason the family court should be feeling sorry for him! I don’t think so!!!! I personally think that Javier can still work as an undercover cop, after he goes under extensive plastic procedures on his face, of course! LMAO!!!! “You reap what you sow”.

And what about the money issue? I had talked to Javier and his attorney that I didn’t want spousal support for the rest of my life; even though I was married to him for over 13 years. I wanted him to pay me 18 months of spousal support preferably in a lump sum; so, I could invest it into a product line for my Super Bond Girl brand. And what did the judge rule? He ordered spousal support to stop after 18 months!!! Hahahahaha!!! The judge ordered exactly what I’d suggested to Javier and his attorney!

After 5 years, I finally won my case in Family Court! All because I chose to FIGHT BACK!!!! I didn’t need an attorney, I did it all by myself! It was an emotionally draining process that lasted 10 months, but it felt awesome to walk out of the court room as a Champ! Throughout the past five years, I’ve given Javier so many opportunities to go from “zero” to “hero”; but, sadly Javier has chosen to continue to be a “zero” and our kids know it!  The good thing is that I never have to thank Javier for anything!

During the initial proceedings of our divorce in 2008, my youngest daughter Sabrina (who was 8 at the time) asked me if I was going to change my last name back to my maiden name. (My maiden name is Lopez) I told her that indeed I was planning to change my last name. Sabrina then requested for me to change her last name too, because she wanted to match last names with me. At the time, I really didn’t care about my last name; I could have called myself “Nancy Nan” for all I care! So, I told Sabrina: “If it’s important for you to be matching last names with me, then I’ll keep ‘Tiscareno’ just for you. Would that make you happy?” My daughter smiled and said, yes! So, I kept the Tiscareno last name to match with my daughter.

A few months passed by, when I got a phone call from Javier. He was furious because he had just found out that I wasn’t going to change my last name! He said, “You’re so fucking stupid! Tiscareno is my last name! Why do you still want to be attached to me?”  I was so pissed off when I heard him say that! Javier and I were done! We were getting divorced; yet, he was still trying to command me and tell me what to do! I was so angry and I didn’t feel the necessity to tell him that I was keeping the last name simply because our daughter Sabrina had requested it. Instead, I yelled back at him saying, “You know why I’m keeping your last name? Because I’m going to make it ‘FAMOUS’”, and I hung up on him! I said that to him, even before I became a bail agent. I had no idea where the bail bond industry was going to take me.

Since I started blogging in 2011 and after my appearance on the Anderson Cooper talk show in 2012, the entertainment industry continues to knock at my door! I’m actually very flattered!  It has been super awesome meeting with so many people, TV producers, production companies, development agents, editors, etc. I know the direction that I’m now going; but, unfortunately I can’t tell you about the details just yet! I’m really excited about all the things I’ve lined up for 2014! Even though it looks like I didn’t do much in 2013; let me assured you that all the work I’ve done has been behind the scenes.

My friend Wendy told me, “There are several famous people with the ‘Lopez’ last name already; it’s time for someone to make the ‘Tiscareno’ last name, FAMOUS too!”  And now that my name is finally cleared of any criminal or civil allegations, I’m looking forward to make my contribution to humankind! 😉

Nancy Tiscareno – Super Bond Girl

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