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My youngest daughter committed suicide last year. And for me, I only had two choices… self-destruct or become the best version of myself. I recently had a friend that told me, “You have to understand that not everyone is like you, Nancy” I said to her, “EXACTLY! People have to understand that I am NOT like them!” And, that’s the reason I thought about this quote.

Expressing myself has always been very important to me! I say exactly what I think and feel. I don’t lie. Some people like me because of that and some people hate me for it. I can’t please everybody. I’ve been in court, defending my content a couple of times since I began blogging because of the things and people I have written about. (I won both cases, just so you know). But, I’m not going to hide my greatness just because it makes low vibrating energy people uncomfortable.
– “I did not change, I remember who I am; I am a dragon and I do not have to hide my fire from humans anymore.” 

Nancy Tiscareno – Super Bond Girl

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