“Posting a bond for a cop?” (Podcast) Episode No. 14

WHAT?!!!  “Me? Posting a bond for a cop?!?!” (Episode No.14). Well, ladies and gentlemen… it happened! In 2016, I bailed out a police officer from the Montebello Police Department. I’m really happy to share this story with you because I was very, VERY satisfied. LMAO!! Nancy Tiscareno – Super Bond Girl

“They See Me Rollin” – (Podcast) Episode No. 13

So… I started to get my content flagged on Facebook (obviously, I’m already stressing out some assholes).  Facebook took my last episode off my page for about 12 hours. You know, the episode where I talked about the Anaheim Police motorcycle and my pictures (Episode No. 12). Well, this is what I think about it… …

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Falsely Accused of Domestic Violence (Podcast) Episode No. 5

Hello guys! Welcome to my show! In this episode, “Falsely Accused of Domestic Violence.” I talked about a couple of cases of people I bailed out of jail who were falsely accused of domestic violence and the outcome of each case.  Super Bond Girl – Nancy Tiscareno

Ladies! Don’t Buy a Whole Pig…

I’ve served divorce papers on behalf of many of my girlfriends. It’s sad! But, we all know that “shit happens.” Last month, I served divorce papers on behalf of one of my closest friends who decided to say, “I don’t” two months after she said, “I do” (A wonderful marriage that lasted 2 months!) Hahahaha!!! …

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“How did I get into Bail Bonds?” I was married to an LA County Deputy Sheriff. After asking me for divorce, he lied and on June 13, 2008 sent ME to jail for something I didn’t do! A year later, I became a bail agent and now I bail people out of jail. OH THE … Read More »