Let me introduce you to my first trademark! On September 18, 2012, I became the owner of Registration No. 4,209,526 with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. 

My service mark consists of a cartoon image of a female (me) breaking through the bars of a jail cell with her body (actually, breaking through the bars of a jail cell with my “boobs” would be more accurate!). The front of the shirt has the stylized text: “Ask me About Bail Bonds, Bail Bonds, Bail Bonds”. On the top of the picture there is the stylized text “BUST OUTTA JAIL” I decided to used the word “Bust” because you know, I’m all about my boobs! LOL! And at the bottom of the picture, there is the stylized text, “SUPERBONDGIRL.COM“. 
And who owns SUPERBONDGIRL.COM? Yep! Me! 😉 

How did this design come about? In 2011, I ordered a small amount of T-shirts to be printed with the words “Ask me about Bail Bonds” (“Bail Bonds” only one time). The problem was that the lady who I placed my order with, didn’t measure my “bust” before printing the words on my t-shirts. When my order was ready and I went to pick up my shirts, I noticed that you couldn’t read the words “Bail Bonds” because they were hidden right under my breast! So, the screen-printing lady suggested to add the words “Bail Bonds” two more times on my T-shirts and Violá! What an awesome design! 😉 

My Dad’s design idea.
I then, asked my Dad to design an idea for my logo. I told him that I wanted my image to be breaking through the bars of a jail cell with my boobs; and, he did a pretty good job! Once I had that logo idea, I took it to a graphic designer; so, he could make it suitable for screen-printing. Initially, I had the words “OUT ON BAIL” at the top; but, most bail bond companies use that. I decided then to changed it to “BUST OUTTA JAIL” and embraced my individually since my image is “busting” out of jail! Lol! I now sell my T-shirts with this design for $20.00 each. 

My service mark is registered under International Class: 36Insurance and Financial Services, for: Bail Bonding. Also U.S. classes: 100, 101 and 102. 
Class 100: Presses. 
Class 101: Printing. 
Class 102: Ammunition and Explosives.
Why ammunition and explosives? I have no fucking clue! hahahaha!!!! But, it’s there; so, I’m rolling with it! 

I’ve decided to share this information with you, since I have the motherfucking assholes from DC Comics (Warner Bros.) and Danjaq (James Bond Films) up my little Guatemalan ass! Obviously, I already own a trademark with my website: SUPERBONDGIRL.COM in connection to: Bail Bonds

Just in case, for the “MORONS” who think that my mark SUPER BOND GIRL is “likely to cause confusion and lead consumers to falsely believe that my ‘services’ under my mark emanate from or are affiliated with those of DC Comics or Danjaq (James Bond films)”. 

Nancy Tiscareno – Super Bond Girl

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