And… I’m BACK!

I’m back! Yay!!! I know the fucking assholes from Danjaq (James Bond) were probably wondering where I’ve been. (I can see how many times you come and check out my blog fuckers) Hi, Larkin! 
Anyway, enough talking about those assholes! Let’s get back to me! Lol!

This past June, my ex-husband Javier decided that he no longer wanted to have custody of our daughters Rio and Sabrina. Javier suggested for me to have 100% custody. But, since I’m still busy dealing with Danjaq’s shit. I told Javier that I couldn’t fully commit to 100% custody just yet. (Our previous arrangement was shared custody 50-50). Javier began pressuring me to take our daughters immediately and began to threaten me with changing the locks at his house and just dropping our daughters at my place. He was acting like a fucking little kid, throwing a tantrum because he wasn’t getting what he wanted, when he wanted. Typical Javier’s behavior. Our situation got so bad, that I finally made the time to file the new custody order at the Riverside Family Court in mid September

On October 17, 2015 I was granted full legal and physical custody of my daughters. It was very sad to see Javier signing the order so quickly; but, my daughters are better off without having to deal with Javier’s negativity and stupid mind games. As for me, I’m really happy that it’s finally over. 

Since my daughters moved in with me full time we had to adjust our home life, work, and school routines. Both my daughters are very active in their high school’s activities, and they’re also the Norco High School mascots. Go Cougars! (no pun intended) hahahahaha!!! 

At the end of October, I had the honor of escorting my daughter Rio, who made court, during the Homecoming Half Time show. It was a very beautiful experience for me. An experience that I’ll treasure forever! 

I believe that “balance” is the key of life. It has taken my family a few weeks to adjust to our new life; but, I think we finally found the balance that we desperately needed. So, yes! After a six week break, I’m back! 😉 

Nancy Tiscareno – Super Bond Girl

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