Location – California

My life is crazier than a soap opera!

I was born in a third world country and immigrated as a teenager to the United States. I was married for almost 14 years to a cheating police officer, who falsely accused me of a crime I did not commit! Simultaneously, I had to face possible criminal charges, a divorce, and an intense custody battle for my three children.

In 2008, I began working as an assistant for a bail bondsman in California. A year after, I acquired my bail bond license and became an agent, myself. In 2011, I launched my brand “SUPER BOND GIRL.” Countless offers from multiple TV producers for my own reality show began pouring in, soon after my appearance on the Anderson Cooper Talk Show in 2012. At the end of the same year, I filed a trademark application for my brand, “SUPER BOND GIRL” under educational and entertainment services due to my blogs, videos, printed articles and TV appearances.

About two years later in 2014, I received letters opposing my trademark application by Danjaq LLC., the owners of the James Bond Films, claiming confusion with myself and the women portraying the “Bond Girl” characters in their films. I also received a letter from DC Comics/Warner Bros., demanding for me to comply with their demands to withdraw my application for “SUPER BOND GIRL” because they own “Super Girl”. I replied to both companies letting them know that I was not going to withdraw my application for “SUPER BOND GIRL” and by their own means could file an opposition against my mark. DC Comics/Warner Bros., did not file an opposition; however, Danjaq LLC. did.

I knew that I was never going to be able to afford hiring a trademark attorney to fight for my mark against the owners of the James Bond films. So, with the help of my daughter Rio, who was 16 years old at the time; we began to fight for my application for “SUPER BOND GIRL”. My teenage daughter Rio and I were the ones who responded and filed all the trademark paperwork against Seyfarth Shaw LLP., the law firm representing Danjaq LLC.

In August 2015, as we began to prepare to go to trial against Danjaq, my ex-husband Javier decided that he did not want custody of his daughters anymore and began treating them like garbage. I had no other choice than to file for sole legal custody. Like always, I represented myself in family court. In October 2015, I was granted sole legal and physical custody of my daughters Rio and Sabrina; however, due to my own family legal matters, I neglected my trademark application and I had to let it go. I was mentally exhausted from family court and I couldn’t fight for my trademark anymore.

Later on, I realized that the whole opposition from Danjaq began because they did not want me using my brand “SUPER BOND GIRL” on TV. However, there’s nothing they can do about all of my other sources of entertainment. I decided then to take a break from any legal matters and enjoy time well spent with my daughters and oldest son during the holidays. My plan was to file a new trademark application in early 2016. For the very first time, I was happy and fulfilled as a woman and as a mother.

Unfortunately, my happiness did not last long because on March 19, 2016 my youngest daughter, Sabrina, committed suicide. She was 16 years old. Really? What the fuck?!!! How much more can I take? Obviously, I had to take some time off and ended up not working throughout 2016. I’m not going to deny that during my darkest days I thought about killing myself in several occasions, but I ultimately don’t want my life to end on a bad note. I want it to be known that I always got back up and that I fought again, and again, and again!

I am starting my life over in 2017. I feel stronger, I am fearless, and I am more determined than I have ever been before. I have absolutely nothing left to lose! But, I do understand that I have to continue the journey that I started with “SUPER BOND GIRL” and see how far I can go…

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