April 11, 2018

Hello guys! Welcome to my show!  This is my latest episode: “My TV Pilot” (Episode No. 10). Since becoming Super Bond Girl, I’ve been on contract three different times, with three different TV producers for a possible reality show. Obviously, nothing has pan out. But, in 2013 I got to shoot my own TV pilot. In this episode, I’m sharing my experience and some special details. Thank you for watching my video and have a great day! 

Super Bond Girl – Nancy Tiscareno



Saint Cloud, MN

Hi my name is Marshall and this is my Journey! I use this awesome blog theme to tell people my story. Through all the places and things I see around the world, there isn't a best way to share my experience! Follow my daily updates and discover with me the essence of traveling!


SUPER BOND GIRL Nancy Tiscareno

Welcome to my blog! My name is Nancy Tiscareno. I'm Super Bond Girl. My passion is connecting with you by sharing my knowledge and taking you with me on my adventures. I'm honest, straight-forward and very positive! Follow my daily updates and also my weekly podcast show.

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