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There is never a specific date or time when someone gets arrested and taken into custody. It usually comes as a big shock to everyone, including the friends and family of the person who has been accused of a crime.

There is a lot of confusion and just as many questions. Like, why did this happen? Where is the person at? Who is involved? And so forth…

I understand that anyone can be arrested at any time. For that reason, I make myself available any hour of any day of the week, to help you and your family through this confusing and difficult situation. You will get professional and courteous service, and above all, I will explain every detail of the bail process TRUTHFULLY. I am willing to travel anywhere, anytime to a location that is convenient for you, to provide you with confidential service.

I firmly believe in the tenet of person's innocence until proven guilty in a court of law. They also have the right to bail out of jail to seek legal representation for his/her case and continue with their day-to-day commitments while out on bail. This is the reason that I am making myself available to you; no bail bond is too big or too small..

What is Bail?
Bail is a process through which a person, who has been arrested by law enforcement, pays a set amount of money through a Bondsman to obtain release from custody. As a condition of release, the arrestee promises to appear in court for all scheduled criminal proceedings until the case against him/her is closed and the bond is exonerated.

I can help you in any county in Southern California and I personally service the following counties:

Los Angeles County

Orange County

Riverside County

San Bernardino County

Ventura County

San Diego County

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